Diedrichsen Elementary School

Diedrichsen Elementary School is an existing elementary school located in the City of Sparks. The project included re-grading and striping the main parking lot; re-grading paved areas around the building; trash enclosure; and water seepage issues from the landscape areas. Hunter Creek completed the design of the parking lot adding additional spaces while providing adequate drainage to eliminate ponding in the parking area. The existing handicap ramps were removed and replaced with new ramps to meet current ADA code. The paved playground areas around the building were also improved with the addition of swales and concrete valley gutters. Hunter Creek also mitigated the seepage from the landscape areas by providing perforated storm drain pipe and catch basins behind the sidewalk to collect the excess irrigation water.

Sierra Vista Elementary School

This project required mitigating the impacts of the storm water runoff from the Sierra Vista site draining onto the Wolf Run Village Apartments, located south of the school, during significant storm events. This storm water runoff was mitigated by providing underground and surface detention areas and providing a curb to direct stormwater into these detention areas. The design provided a cost effective solution while maintaining the function of the existing playground.

Nancy Gomes Elementary School

The Gomes Elementary project included removal and replacement and resurfacing of the existing parking lot pavements on the west and north side of the school building; and construction of drainage improvements to eliminate standing surface water problems.

Silver Lake Elementary School

The project included site grading, storm drain catch basins and concrete valley gutters to intercept onsite flows and route the surface water to an adjacent storm drain channel.